We work to see patients as soon as possible, based on need. Most acutely ill new patients are seen same day, on a first-available basis. We choose to treat as many cases as we can from the office as an outpatient without having to go to a hospital. Call 713-973-6078 or book an appointment below.


If you have been in Central or Western Africa in the past 6 weeks or have been around anyone who has, and if you or they have been ill with fever, chills, nausea/vomiting, night sweats, general bodyaches, and/or diarrhea,


  1. Ring doorbell on our side entrance door – about 20 feet down the hall from this main entrance,
  2. Call us immediately: 713-973-6078

We will attend to you right away.

This policy/procedure is for the protection of the general public (our waiting room) and staff.

I am sure you understand its intent to protect all who enter here, including you.