1. Economy: A downturn. The Obama-Biden 8-years were among the worst for economic recovery in history. Democrats, by nature, always answer economic problems with raised taxes and regulations- reversing what produced the unparalleled Trump recovery pre-COVID-19. Our crippled economy will be devastated. Think of where our economy and country would now be had we not had the super-hot Trump economy of January, 2020 to cushion the blow of the Pandemic lockdown?

2. Tax Increases:

  • Income tax,
  • Capital gains tax (on investment income),
  • Inheritance tax (taking your assets from a lifetime of work, acquired with money already taxed once, to redistribute to others),
  • Corporate tax, which the corporations pass on to their consumers with higher prices (for example, at the gas pump).

Look out for taxes on your Social Security (your money that was deposited over your working years and to be returned to you near retirement) and retirement accounts; like 401K and IRAs. You need to pay for the “Green New Deal,” somehow (estimated $75,000 per person). You need to pay your “fair share.” The Democrats will decide what’s fair. Of course, Democrat political leaders will exempt themselves and wealthy donors. They exempt themselves from Obamacare. Sound extreme? Note that California Democrats this past month proposed imposing annual state income tax on anyone permanently leaving California for the following 10 years. Economic slaves. This is what they do with power, even against Democrat voters (not leadership).

You need to clearly explain to your voting age kids that when Democrats levy a heavy inheritance tax (to even out the classes and fill their coffers for voter handouts), the assets and property you accumulated over a life of hard work will not come to your heirs—your kids and your grandkids. The government gets to redistribute it to illegal immigrants, permanently unemployed people on entitlement programs, and any other group whose vote they want. With taxes, everything is on the table.

3. Supreme Court Packing: You’ve had 9 justices for 150 years. Overall, a fairly balanced court that decides issues with broad impact on our society and culture. The Supreme Court was intended by our Founders to be THE politically impartial branch of government. Democrats will expand the court to 15, 20, or more. Who knows? This has been a liberal/progressive movement priority for years. It is at the core of undoing an America they hate, calculated to permanently lock in their agenda. Packing the court with liberal judges will assure the court will be making law rather than interpreting law, as opposed to our elected representatives in Congress who are accountable to you. Because their agenda is so radical, they understand it will not pass through the constitutional legislative process. What they cannot get passed through Congress, they will pass through the courts with their hand-picked judges. The most extreme, unthinkable laws governing all our behavior and lives will rule the land. A permanent imposition of liberal, monopolistic authority accountable to no one. The Supreme Court would permanently be a political court, maintained as such by one political party…just like in dictatorships in Third World countries.

And, they have mentioned changing Supreme Court Justice terms from lifelong to some limited number of years, so they are influenced in their decisions by the possibility of losing their positions—like elected officials. The lifetime appointment afforded Supreme Court justices was intended to insulate the highest court from the pressure of political influence. The Democrats will end that, and that it will be their agenda and self-interests that run the Supreme Court.

This week Joe Biden and Kamala Harris adamantly and arrogantly refused to answer questions on whether they would “pack” the court until after the election (their words)…because they will “pack” the court. Biden said voters do not have a right to know which way he will go with packing the Supreme Court until after the election!

4. New States: Washington, DC; Puerto Rico; and California divided into two or three states. Each with two new Democrat senators will assure control of Congress forever, by the Democrats, no matter how extreme they are and how out of synch with traditional values of the American people. After that, more new states, as needed, to assure power. Sounding like Russia or China or Venezuela, yet?

5. Electoral College Abolition: After packing the country with illegal immigrants who are the Democrats’ solution for Black Americans leaving the imposed Democrats’ “plantation” of the past 50 years(as they become more educated and independently thinking), the Democratic Party, once in complete control of the White House, the Senate, and House of Representatives, will “pack” the Supreme Court and then see to it that the Electoral College (which has worked to evenly spread voting influence equitably across all areas of the U.S. populace) is done away with, hinging election outcomes on population centers like New York and California, areas with the highest concentrations of Democrats. Although, the elections will be nominal only. The Democrats will control the outcome no matter what. If somehow the Democrat candidate did not win, their complete control of government gives them the means to un-do the election. The fabricated impeachment of President Trump failed only because the Democrats did not control the Senate. With 1-party rule, elections would be a sham, the winner would be pre-determined, just like Vladimir Putin gets 95% of the vote in Russia; He never loses and there is no chance of him losing. We will then no longer have a representative democracy. It will be mob rule. Extreme Leftist mob rule. By the way, if Democrats hold the majority in the House of Representatives this election and gain that in the U.S. Senate, look for them to complete impeachment of President Trump and to throw him out of the White House, irrespective of whether the American People elect him to a second term.

6. Green New Deal: This is a strategy to take over the economy (and so our lives), under the guise of a remedy for climate change despite there being no proof any climate change is man-caused or will respond to man-made interventions. This scheme will turn over all our economic lives and futures, and those of our children and grandchildren, to the Democrat leadership. This sudden economic paradigm shift will make us and our heirs economic slaves.

7. The Wall/ Illegal Immigration: The Wall, which has shut down illegal immigration by over 95%, and it is not even completed, will come down. The Democrats need a huge, uneducated  population dependent on government to assure their votes. You are looking at a Third World America for no reason other than hardwired Democrat power. Tied to this will be free healthcare, free college, and free housing for illegals. Ask yourself, if a law were passed that no immigrant could vote for 10 years after coming to the U.S., would the Democrats be just as eager to support illegal immigration? It’s about votes, not compassion for downtrodden people. The Democrats are manipulating the issue of illegal immigration to exploit our sense of compassion as a way to grow their political power with more votes.

8. Reparations: : Kamala Harris, who will likely become president in short order, given Joe Biden’s obvious mental infirmity and age, has openly advocated for reparation payments to Black America for slavery over 150 years ago. She has been the most extreme Left of all in the U.S. Senate. No one in America today benefitted from slavery. Kamala Harris will impose a tax to generate the money to pay reparations to the Black Community; another redistribution of wealth, mainly to Black and White political leaders and activists as a wealth windfall, not to the community. Robert Woodson, a Black civil rights leader from the 1960s, of the Woodson Institute, calculates that Black Americans have received $70 trillion over the past 50 years, yet most of it is unaccounted for and did not make it to the people, such that many still live abjectly and the remedies that money was intended to support have never been realized. Woodson concludes the race issue is kept alive by corrupt Black and White leaders and operators to distract attention of Black Americans from looking closely at how they have diverted the money. So, deserved or not, the reparations have been paid and squandered. There is no reason to believe the current push for reparations would end up any differently, that is, being diverted by and enriching the politicians, as they perpetuate the “systemic racism” lie.

9. Gun Control: The Second Amendment will be dead with the permanent Democrat control of federal government and the packing of the U.S. Supreme Court. So what? Well, the general public will be disarmed just as police are defunded and weakened in enforcing the law (another Democrat priority). Guns won’t go away. They’ll just be in the hands of predator criminals. Illinois, a Democrat-controlled state, has the strongest gun control laws in the country, yet South Chicago is a virtual gun war zone, with highest numbers of gunshot wounded and dead victims in the country for years; New York is getting there. We will disarm the innocent and the vulnerable. Victims are “out.”

10. Defund/ Re-Imagine Police: This has already happened in Democrat controlled locales, with resultant increase in assaults, rapes, murders and violent intimidation of citizens as they eat dinner out or walk the streets- with no police responding to their calls of distress. No arrests or prosecution for theft, looting, or violent assault (can’t do that to Democrat voters). Burned and damaged cities across the country during Summer 2020 are a glimpse of what the future would look like, permanently.

11. Riots/Black Lives Matter:It is clear from its own website and both verbal and written statements of BLM leadership (and its Mission Statement) that Black Lives Matter is a domestic terrorist organization that is joined to and participating in the riots in major Democrat-governed U.S. cities and towns- with looting, arson, and anarchy becoming the norm these past 4 months. Kamala Harris recently assured us it is justifiable and necessary, and to count on it continuing, no matter who wins the Presidential Election. They support anarchy. That means she and the Democratic Party support this lawlessness and societal disruption. This is the answer for their premise of “social injustice.” It is payback time with reverse social injustice, mainly against whites. But the riots have ruined many minority lives and neighborhoods. Their hate is boundless and only directed at creating fear and taking power. The “social injustice” and “systemic racism” themes are political theater. Lies to justify tearing down the social order and upending America. Recently, a BLM leader angrily proclaimed, “We’re not requesting, we’re taking.” Think about that the next time you’re seated at an outdoor café and these miscreants decide to intimidate you and your friends/loved ones. Who are you calling?

The themes of systemic racism and social injustice are the foundation for creating disorder, fear, panic, intimidation, and desperation. End game…power. Hitler’s rise, circa 1932-35, used the exact same strategy of division and fear.

12. No School Choice: The Democrats are committed to public schools as the only ones for your kids and grandkids. Why? Schools are critical to the big picture, the long-range societal game plan. Feed the schoolkids a steady diet of Leftist propaganda when they are young. Tailor the textbooks and curriculum to the extreme ideology the Democrats have embraced. That America is fatally flawed as a “systemically racist” nation, its founding and early decades marred by the “Original Sin” of slavery that cannot be forgiven, even though a predominantly White society ended slavery and eventually elected a Black man to the White House. The fall-out from Democrat infiltration of the educational system and the brainwashing of our kids with the false premise of a racist country today has already materialized. We have witnessed it. They have programmed our younger generations that the answer is to hit “delete” on America’s history and all traditions, the tearing-down of statues and the whitewashing of historical figures from our consciousness, rather than learn history so as to try not to repeat past missteps and abuses, and acknowledge the great progress we have made since those early days. How do the Democrats do it? Through the massive teachers’ union with dues going to Democrat candidates and campaigns. The Democrats assure the teachers’ benefits and pay and workplace, and the teachers deliver the votes and the brainwashing.

Hostile take-over of the education system is not a new strategy. Adolph Hitler took over the schools and created the Nazi Youth Corps because he realized the power and ease of indoctrinating young minds with his “truth.” It is why the Democrats are pushing to lower the voting age to 16, to get their votes while the propaganda is still a fresh influence on their opinions, the value being the Democrats recruit lifelong supporters who faithfully and mindlessly vote Democrat every time. Note, high-level Democrat leaders’ children usually go to private schools. The rules are not for them, they’re for us.

13. The Children:As just explained, they are the key to the future. So, convince them of the obscenity of the American Model, and you then make way for “Cancel Culture” and “Critical Race Theory,” undermining the First Amendment (Freedom of Speech) because, with a purpose to reform, we revise any history that offends or challenges Leftist/Progressive ideology and beliefs… change names of buildings, streets, and monuments; destroy statues; burn books; re-write history texts; ban speech judged as sexist, racist, or “triggering”. Tell people what they can say, you tell them what they can think. Liberals are superior, open-minded, tolerant, and “on the right side of History,” as opposed to “fascistic” conservatives…as long as you agree with them. If you don’t, you’re demonized. That’s what they’re teaching our kids. You are 100% with us, or you are our enemy; there’s no room for Moderates. Orwell’s “1984” and “Animal Farm” anyone? We’re there with this election. This is what “wokeness” is all about. I think you’re starting to get it.

14. Election Reforms: The deck needs to be finally and permanently stacked. 16 year-olds to vote. By that age, their minds are indoctrinated by public school liberal teachers. And, they’ve never owned property, paid taxes, built a business, tried to raise a family, or worked. Lots of opinions, with no life experience, no wisdom. But, their votes will be in the can and equal to all of us who have supported them and who do all the work. Tax the social security money you earned and which was taken from you over your work life to pay for free college? OK with a 20-year old.

Likewise, giving the vote to criminals and felons assures them running the streets and doing whatever they want without worry of prosecution by liberal district attorneys. The same for cancellation of bail-bonding. The majority of prisoners are minorities, the lifeblood of Democrat power. Democrats use them, need them. Put them on the streets, regardless of what risk that presents for the general, working public. It’s about votes, not victims (just as with illegal immigrants).

15. Death of Religion: Progressives worship the religion of “the state.” A higher authority threatens whole-hearted devotion to the central government. Liberal judges and politicians have inexorably pressed to diminish religion in our country. Anything to do with religion must be eliminated from the public square. Crucifixes and Stars of David, as well as religious holidays, will slowly but surely be marginalized and eventually disappear from public places, like military cemeteries.  

16. Socialized Medicine: ObamaCare was deceptively dubbed the Affordable Care Act. Affordable, no, terrible, yes. The Democrats have intentionally made ObamaCare outrageously unaffordable, so that the American people will plead for an alternative, any alternative. And that will be single-payor (socialized) medicine. The entire healthcare economy will be run by politicians, who for some reason have exempted themselves from ObamaCare. To see how they will grade managing the nation’s healthcare, you need look no further than the Veterans Administration Healthcare System and the United States Postal System. The anathema of efficiency and value, both shining examples of government mismanagement and waste. They will fare no better with healthcare. The quality of care will deteriorate. The costs will skyrocket. The government will raise taxes to bail themselves out of their bankrupt, awful medical system. But they will control it and, with a 1-party system, they will control it forever.

In several years, when you’re suffering or anxious about yourself or a loved one and waiting for your 80-day scheduled doctor’s appointment, remember your vote against President Trump. Remember your vote against President Trump when you assess the bedside manner of the dispirited, inexperienced, unengaged nurse practitioner (you don’t get a physician).

17. Fossil Fuel Industry: The Green New Deal will put the Oil & Gas industry out of business. Sure, we anticipate and look forward to electric vehicles and innovative energy sources. However, under the Trump Administration, for the first time, we have become energy independent of other countries; actually the leading exporter of oil. This is the single most important achievement to benefit our national security other than developing and implementing advanced weaponry. We are no longer at risk from other countries withholding oil and manipulating prices to price-gouge the United States. Oil runs our economy and our military. Think of previously being vulnerable to Russia, Saudi Arabia, other Arab countries, Venezuela, Mexico. Not anymore with President Trump.

We will evolve, incrementally, in due time, away from fossil fuels and toward other sources of power. But that time is not now. An abrupt and premature shift to the Green New Deal will cause cataclysmic economic disruption from collapse of fossil fuel industries. A depression for one of the country’s most important industries will threaten national security, and of course be the reason for more taxing by Democrats and the name of their new slush fund.

18. Welcome Back, China: The Chinese Government is advocating Joe Biden. Why? He and his family have deep business (possibly criminal) ties to that country. They see President Trump as an adversary who has called them out on COVID-19 and is committed to bring the world community together to insist on reparations for China’s unleashing the virus as an act of virtual bio-terrorism against the world and mostly the U.S. President Trump has inflicted tariffs on China to re-balance unfair trade practices at work for decades (which Biden is on the record as supporting, as he and his family have enriched themselves with China’s money, while Biden was on-the-clock as a Senator and Vice President of the United States).President Trump is the first president to confront China as the most notorious cyber-thief of U.S. military secrets and corporate business know-how over the last 2 decades. China would resume its raiding of American advantage with Biden in the White House, and Biden would look away and “glad-hand” Chinese leaders, as his track record shows, while he and his family get richer from Chinese money. Biden as president would also pose the highest potential security risk because of his and his other family members’ financial entanglements with China.

19. Media Complicit/Propaganda Machine:It is well-documented that over 90% of media journalists and reporters are self-avowed liberals. Anyone paying attention knows that the “mainstream media” are the voice of the Progressive Movement. Not unbiased, not objective, not balanced. This is perhaps the greatest danger to our democracy and constitutional society, other than killing the Electoral College, creating new states, and packing the Supreme Court. This goes for those who run social media, like Facebook and Twitter, in spades. And, media have stayed away from questioning Biden and Harris on any of this, so far, just weeks away from the election. We have already completely entered the Age of American Censorship as of the 2020 Presidential Election. The American people are fed misinformation and veritable lies: systemic police racism, white privilege, social injustice, mostly “non-violent” protests (not riots), police violence on minorities…the end justifies the means. And, you will never see more blatant and dangerous censorship when, on the day the NY Post, one of the most widely circulated newspapers in the world, published emails showing Joe Biden had lied about his involvement in his son’s, Hunter, questionable business dealings with and profiteering from Ukraine while Joe was a sitting Vice President, Twitter and Facebook shut down any display of that breaking news with enormous relevance to the election. This is the world we are voting for when we vote for Democrat statism.

20. Defund Police: To buy votes of societal outcasts, miscreants, and felons, the police must be moved out of the way. Create a lie of police brutality and racism, then pull their funds. Democrats want to then “re-imagine” policing. Once they have political power and so funding power over police, they can direct them as their official enforcers against their adversaries in the community. And, tell them to pull back and lay-off their anarchist allies, Black Lives Matter and Antifa, as those actors create mayhem and fear and take what they want. See video of some of the people dining out with these misfits screaming inches from their faces, taking their food and drink, and imposing themselves at their tables. Where are the police? Think Gestapo and Hitler’s Brown Shirts. All has been televised these past 4 months. Victims are out, predators in.

21. Detroitification of Upscale Suburbs: Biden wants to revive Obama’s “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing Program.” That would support Section 8, low-rent, housing projects in middle and upper class neighborhoods to translocate minorities from the inner city. What will the suburban soccer moms who voted Biden in because they found President Trump “too icky” think when they see criminal threat and crime dramatically increasing at their doorsteps and nearby shopping areas? What about the threat to their children out and about. What about their property values plummeting as they need to walk away from their homes to be safe?

22. Joe Biden: Who is he?

  • He withdrew from his two prior presidential runs because he was found out to have plagiarized (stole) from other writers and represented the content as his own. A cheat and a liar without leadership intellect.
  • He finished several spots from the bottom of his law school class.
  • A number of citizens from Delaware, the state from which he is a U.S. Senator, were recently interviewed and could not name one noteworthy thing he has said or done over a 47-year political career.
  • Racism: A number of quotes that you can easily retrieve on the Internet clearly establish he has deep racist beliefs about Blacks dating back to his entry in politics in the early 70s. That would be devastating for a Republican. He was close friends with and even gave a eulogy for Senator Robert Byrd (Democrat, W, VA), who had a well-known long history as a Southern racist, early in life a member of the Ku Klux Klan. Even Kamala Harris, his current running mate, labeled him a racist during the Democratic Party nomination campaign.
  • He openly admitted he had a prosecutor in Ukraine who was investigating his son, Hunter, for possible criminal behavior, fired by threatening to withhold U.S. foreign aid to Ukraine if it was not done the same day he demanded it—as a sitting Vice President and a director of U.S. policy toward Ukraine under President Obama.

This is the definition of quid pro quo, and is illegal. His son further substantially enriched himself with the help of his father’s VP position, having no other explanation for the millions he received from Russia and China. This is highly worrisome that these enemies of the U.S. could have leverage over a sitting president because of possibly illegal dealings and financial incentives. This is all on record, televised multiple times.

23. Democratic Party

  • Weaponized the FBI (supposed to be an apolitical protector of the interests of the American people) to participate in treasonous spying and then lying to the FISA court on allegations against then President Donald Trump based on misinformation and lies (developed, paid for, and provided by Hillary Clinton’s campaign officials to FBI staff who knew the information was lies) in order to undermine and take down a duly elected president’s Administration. The very definition of treason. Recent written documents show that Hillary Clinton approved and ordered this; and, that President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden knew of all this in their last days in office. They were complicit. They did not stop it.

        Democrat congressional leadership continued the lie to the tune of $35 million dollars in taxpayer expense and over 3-years with fraudulent investigations to try to impeach the president and to obstruct his governance, accusing him of what they had done…colluded with Russia. Projection, a well-worn strategy of the Left.

  • Hillary Clinton and multiple investigators in the Mueller Investigation destroyed evidence likely related to criminal or unethical behavior on their part. So far, no fallout.
  • The Democratic Party twice manipulated their nomination process for presidential candidate so that Senator Bernie Sanders could not win, making Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden the winners, counter to the majority of their own party’s voters.
  • Donna Brazille, news commentator, debate moderator, and Democratic Party loyalist fed questions to Hillary Clinton prior to her debate with Donald Trump in 2016.
  • Democratic mayors and governors refused to allow police to do their jobs in stopping looting, arson, property destruction, and violent attacks on police and community people and failed to call in the National Guard to immediately stop anarchy and violence.

Police and citizens were injured or died. Property was destroyed. Businesses were wrecked. Damage will take decades to reverse, if ever. And, this was largely in minority neighborhoods. Minneapolis, Seattle, Portland, Kenosha, Louisville…They failed to do their main duty to maintain public order and safety. And, there have been barely any prosecutions of perpetrators (their voters). In fact, Kamala Harris and other wealthy Democrat Party supporters provided bail money for anarchists in Minneapolis. Be clear, to create a TV picture of violence in the streets and burning cities, they were willing to ruin lives, even allow violent and fatal assault of innocent citizens, many their own constituents, just to create a picture of “Trump’s America.” Lives were expendable to regain power. Power lust at any cost.

  • Democratic leadership, across the country, in cities and towns, imposed severe, protracted societal and economic COVID-19 lockdowns long after we had a good idea of how to minimize hospitalizations, serious illness, and deaths…while the middle-class saw its life destroyed. Lost businesses, homes, savings. All done in an election year—devastating human lives of working people to create despair and desperation for the purpose of regaining power. They could not beat Trump on his Feb, 2020 economy or his long list of achievements, despite unrelenting persecution and investigations. He was unbeatable. So, kill the economy. Raze the cities. Assault the citizenry. Burn the forests. And, beat the drum on the COVID-19 Pandemic—put a name on it. Trump’s Pandemic. Trump’s America—on fire, blood in the streets, homeless, depressed, out of work, hopeless. The politicization of this pandemic will be seen by historians (unless Democrats are elected, whereupon they will re-write it) as one of the great disgraces and low-points in American history.
  • Democratic Party Essence/Identity: This past week Jane Fonda was quoted saying that the coronavirus was “God’s gift to the Left.” Yes, over 210,000 dead Americans and many more suffering with the illness and with persistent physical and emotional damage from the virus. And then there are the lost jobs, homes, savings, futures. Meanwhile, she sits in her Beverly Hills home with her glib musings. Disconnected from the tragic reality of the “little people” who progressives say they represent. Lies. You may be too young to remember “Hanoi Jane,” in her 20’s in the late 1960’s, garbed in army fatigues with a smirk on her face, sitting astride a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun unit that took aim at American airmen. Even though our Constitution permits protest and free speech, such behavior in the country of the enemy during wartime is treason. She has never been held accountable and many liberals see themselves as societal disruptors above the law. They hate America, what it has been and what it is. And, they hate themselves. And she also embodies one of the sore contradictions of the Left’s position that they seem to dislike, even hate, America, yet they stay here. And, many of them have had extraordinarily privileged lives because of the way it is. The answer is, they do not hate America, they just want to rule it.
  • Democrat Leadership/Principles: Looking over all of the above, you must wonder what drives Democratic Party leaders? A single story answers that. Kamala Harris was unrelentingly arrogant and offensive in the Senate hearings on the Supreme Court nomination of Justice Brett Kavanaugh a couple years ago, when, as a standard bearer for the Me Too movement, she essentially labeled Justice Kavanaugh as a serial rapist in front of the nation and his family. This was with no due process and only the hearsay testimony of Christine Blasey Ford and a couple other witnesses, all the testimony of whom was ultimately discredited. Harris stated to Ford, “I believe you.” She was willing to ruin the life and sterling reputation of a man with impeccable credentials and to bring shame to his family. The mantra of the moment was that only an alleged woman’s say was necessary to establish guilt of a man accused of sexual assault.

Then, during the Democratic presidential candidate nomination process, when Joe Biden was her adversary (and her personal political ambition was on the line), she likewise agreed that she believed a woman who was accusing Joe Biden of sexual assault in the 1990s when she had worked for him.

Then, when a black man, James Blake, was shot by police in Kenosha, Wisconsin about a month ago, a man with a sexual assault (on a woman) history, and who had just sexually assaulted his former girlfriend (she called the police) just before the shooting, Kamala visited him in the hospital to express her regard for him and to commiserate with him (for political purpose) as a black victim of another act of “racially motivated police violence.” Subsequently, she accepted Joe Biden’s (sexual predator, according to her earlier in the year) offer to be his running mate in the presidential campaign. What happened? What does this show?

Democrat leaders have only to principle beliefs,

  1. Power at all costs
  2. Their right to decide what is right and what can be said. If you agree with them, you are ok and not at risk

They do not believe in any of their issues. Their issues and agenda are made to create victim groups and division, and then to angle for their votes and other support by claiming to represent their interests. They are experts at propaganda and political manipulation.

But, there is no authenticity to their party. Issues are manufactured, division fomented, and hate promoted. What happened to the Me Too Movement Democrats were so vocally ardent about against Justice Kavanaugh? Answer: Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, Senator Al Franken, Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Matt Lauer—all high-level Democrat liberals. Whatever it takes to get into and remain in office where they enrich themselves by working laws and tax benefits for their richest benefactors: media moguls, tech CEOs, Wall Street financiers, celebrities, and each other in the political class. And then there is the lobbyist money. So, racism, abortion, taxes, illegal immigrants, gun control, climate change, law enforcement, white supremacy, reparations, social injustice, you name it…the issue means nothing to them other than to mobilize votes and money to keep them in their elite positions. A cynical aristocracy.

Democrat leaders avoid discussions on policy: trade, economy, jobs, education and national security. No, they campaign on personal attacks on their opponents. Have you noticed how many times President Trump has been asked by liberal media if he disavows White Supremacists? How many times Democrat leaders have mentioned white supremacy in the same sentence with his name? It’s guilt by association. Incessantly join his name to the label to create a belief that White Supremacy and Trump are indelibly synonymous. How many times has Joe Biden been asked where he stands on White Supremacy, despite documented history of closeness to ex-Ku Klux Klan members and obviously racist remarks over his entire public career? When has he been asked about his backing of law enforcement in light of Kamala Harris’ bailing out Minneapolis anarchists who wrecked the city? How much pursuit has there been by media of Biden’s son’s potentially illegal activities with Russia and China (and Ukraine) while his father was a sitting Vice President that have national security implications? All these “personal” issue questions would be driven hard by Democrats against a Republican.

Finally, why is it always a Democrat when vote cheating/fraud is found? Can you recall a Republican involved in that?

Same question for sexual indiscretions. It happens in both parties, but by far it is a Democratic Party behavior—those who are publicly sanctimonious about their advocacy and regard for women. It is all about pandering for power.

Democrat voters take their leadership at face value—but they are mostly feckless tools of these cynical operators.


So, you want to vote against Trump. What is Joe’s specific plan for the economy, for healthcare, for education, for jobs, for law and order, for taxes, for the Supreme Court, for the Electoral College, for the energy industry? His entitlement to be president is no agenda, other than to be the “Anti-Trump.”

COVID-19 will go away. And, then we will need a builder. We need someone who believes in our free enterprise model and our Declaration of Independence that guarantees equal opportunity, not equal outcome. Someone who believes in the central tenet of what defines America…upholding The Constitution to protect the individual from the government. Their goal? Overpowering centralized government. Socialist Democrats are for equally bad outcomes for all except their leadership and their cronies. Equality of misery, for everyone else.

When you pull that lever, know what you are voting “for,” not just “against.” Is your personal dislike of Trump and his style so intense as to look past all that Democrats have done and said they will do to a country that your children and grandchildren will inherit? An irreversibly socialist, single-party state, like China or Venezuela?

There is a sobering moment when one must look deep inside, then be prepared to look in the mirror 4 years from now and take responsibility for what you helped create. You will be accountable for a dystopian future, a nightmare from a science fiction novel. It’s simple, ask yourself what the country needs, what we must have happen, with?,

The Economy


Law and Order

The Supreme Court

The Constitution/Checks and Balances of Governmental Branches


I know, this can all sound like a ranting conservative. Maybe. But, answer these questions by specific examination of the facts, not your personal dislikes, and vote for your family’s, your community’s, and your country’s best interests; it is dangerous and irresponsible to do otherwise. Before turning over the government to the Democrats with their extreme Left faction, ask yourself what problems have they solved in the past 4 years? Or, the prior 8 yrs under Obama-Biden? What have they done other than attempt to depose a duly elected president and to stop him from succeeding at anything and to tear apart a country during a time of national crisis? Know what you are voting for.

Edward R. Rensimer, MD