February 17, 2009


I am writing this letter in recommendation of Edward Rensimer. It is my understanding that he is to be Chief of Staff.

I first met Edward in 2001 and chose him to be my primary Physician. I have Addison’s disease and Edward has managed this disease as well as other issues on my behalf with great expertise. He assisted with my diagnosis of Arnold Chiari Syndrome in 1998 and visited me twice daily while hospitalized after surgery. In 2004, when I went to Cristus Hospital emergency room with tightness in my chest, he was the first one I called. He stayed in communication with the doctor and followed up with recommendations. In 2008 I had ACL replacement surgery and he communicated with the surgeon as to my particular needs as related to the Addison’ s. Currently, he is managing my Hypertension and providing with recommendations and follow up with my Cardiologist.

I have always felt comfortable with Edward’s handling of me as a patient. I am fortunate he takes the time to care.