January 29, 2009

David Jones, CEO

Memorial Hennan Memorial City Medical Center

Administration Office

921 Gessner Road

Houston, Texas 77024

Attention: David Jones

Subject: Testimonial Letter



Dr. Jones,

I am writing this letter on the behalf of Doctor Edward R. Rensimer regarding the doctor/patient relationship I had with him this past five months. I first want to express my sincere gratitude for him not only saving my foot but my life. I would have never imagined that I would have stepped on something that could alter my life as quickly as what happened to me the Saturday before Labor Day weekend. I was very lucky that I was referred to you Dr. Rensimer by my G.P. Dr. Cyril Wolf, I was very sick and he quickly diagnosed my problem. E.coli was in my system and had turned septic; something had to be done quickly to save my life and my foot.

Dr. Rensimer was from the beginning available and very forthright about what was happening to me and what part he would play in countering this problem within my system. While in the hospital I never missed a day without him checking on my status and well being, Dr. Rensimer’s communication of how the antibiotics worked and what my prognosis was kept my spirits up. When I was discharged from the hospital after the foot surgery and I was coming to his office to have my antibiotics mixed, my wife and I never felt that he was to busy to take the time to talk with us. Dr. Rensimer made me feel like I was his only patient. That today in the medical profession is hard to come by when running a busy practice.

I am aware that if one thing had gone wrong throughout my ordeal, I wouldn’t be in the position of writing this letter today. I also want to tell you that after the surgery and the Hurricane had passed and everyone was without power, Dr. Rensimer’s office was shut down by the hurricane and without power. He found a way to get into the office and mix my antibiotics so I wouldn’t miss a dose. I was feeling pretty rough not just from the accident and my subsequent health problems, but just being in such a poor mental state. I expressed to Dr. Rensimer in conversation that I was a three time World Karate champion as well as a powerlifting champion and for the first time in my life I wasn’t in charge, I was gratefully alive but on my back unable to do anything. Dr. Rensimer took the time to tell me about how he grew up poor in Philly and was pretty much told by his grandmother that he would never live his dream to one day become a doctor and how that made him strive even harder to make it, I was so inspired. Dr. Rensimer also shared with me about overcoming his terrible life threatening accident on his bicycle and how his best friend and my surgeon Dr. Soefer was there for him from day one and through his ordeal, made me re-evaluate my own life and what was really most important to me, my family and friends. I have to believe in fate and that fate brought me to his door and because of what happened to me, I came out a better man for crossing Dr. Rensimer’s path, not just from a medical respect but from a personal respect as well.

I was quite impressed with Dr. Rensimer’s views on medicine and how it has and will continue to change in the future. I know that he is there to help people, just as he helped me. I hope that Dr. Rensimer will be in a position to help Herman Memorial the way he was able to help me.

I have been able to start teaching karate classes again and I am back in the gym lifting weights. I would have never thought that my life would have been anything close to what it was before my accident I am enjoying my family and my work more than ever after having passed through this life changing event I sincerely appreciate Dr. Rensimer as a doctor and as an unknowing mentor to me and wish nothing but the very best for him, his family and Memorial Herman Hospital!


Kindest Regards,

D. M.