January 15,2009

Mr. David Jones

Chief Executive Officer

Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center

Administration Office

921 Gessner Rd.

Houston, TX 77024


Dear Mr. Jones:

I am writing to you to present my testimonial and recommendation in support of Edward R. Rensimer, MD for Chief of Staff of Memorial Hermann Memorial City Hospital. I have been a patient of Dr. Rensimer since March 2004.

For at least two years prior to March 2004, I was treated for lung infections that increasing returned to a monthly occurrence. I was admitted to your hospital where Dr. Rensimer found I had pneumecoccal pneumonia. He saved my life. After my stay at the hospital, he treated me for the pneumonia, lung infections and low levels of antibodies in my system throughout the next year. Since that time, he has continued to treat me for lung infections using new therapies that I could not receive without someone of his skills and patient dedication. He is now treating me using a newly devised, innovative, low-level antibodies treatment for preventing future lung infections. This new treatment has been very successful. There is not another specialist in Houston and maybe the world who could have developed such a treatment. I continue to owe my life to him.

Throughout my relationship to this outstanding doctor, my observations have confirmed my strong opinion that he is unique in his medical skills and his dedication to find a solution and not settle with the norm as the only solution. He has a staff that reflects and respects his dedication to his patients. Over my 68 years, I have never found a medical doctor who has what Dr. Rensimer has in his commitment to patient care and medical solutions that work and his technical skills. He does not settle on what is off-the-self, but what works. He does not tolerate failure. Ile never just gives up. He treats the whole patient, not just the “swollen finger”. To me, he represents what every patient would desire in a doctor-total patient care, beyond just what happens when he walks into the examination room. The medical industry has lost this over the years. I pray he will have an opportunity to return doctor-patients relationships to what they were many years ago.

Part of Dr. Rensimer’s patient relationship involves an honesty and straightforwardness that I believe has been lost. This honesty and direct relationship builds the respect and confidence that is critical in the medical business. He spends whatever time and effort with a patient to ensure not only the proper solutions, but to also ensure the patient is educated and understands the problems, risks and treatments. I have seen Dr. Rensimer interact with his staff enough to be able to perceive that this same honesty and straightforwardness is reflected in his total strategies of delivering total patient care by his entire staff.

Although I cannot testify to Dr. Rensimer’s other skills outside his practice, I have been in business for many years at executive levels. My experience and judgment would lead me to believe that he would make an excellent Chief of Staff for the hospital. Every hospital needs a leader of his quality and experience. As a patient of Dr. Rensimer and as someone who has used the hospital for many years. I can only hope that he would be able to lead the staff to the values he uses in his daily commitment to his practice and patients. To me he represents all that has been lost over the years in medial care. I know he will contribute significantly to return that level and style of medical care commitment that I do not see anymore outside of his practice.

Please to not hesitate to call me if you would like any more information or have any questions related to this recommendation and testimony. I can be reached at the following: