Date: 02-13-2009

Attn: Mr. David Jones, CEO

Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center

Admin Office

921 Gessner Rd

Houston, TX 77024


Dear, Mr. Jones:

The first time I met Dr. Rensimer was when my wife referred me to him. She had a serious infection in her foot and being a diabetic you understand how serious that could be. It took what seemed to be a long time, but Dr. Rensimer diagnosed the problem and was able to clear the infection and save her foot. She was so relieved and thankful for Dr. Rensimer’s dedication and attentiveness to detail that made him her hero. Dr. Rensimer was so understanding and confident in his abilities that I felt comfortable with having my current physician disclose my health conditions to him. I have a very detailed and complicated fungal infection in my blood. Not only that, he was willing to go a step further to look into my Blood pressure (O.I.) disease, cholesterol and general health.

Dr. Rensimer has many different and great qualities that make him stand above the rest. He always takes his time talking with his patients to discuss their health and what needs to be done to get it back on track. He always takes his time answering every question we had without rushing out the door. This was a shock to me because everyone I have met before always seemed to have a lack of time. Dr. Rensimer will tell you straight forward what he thinks of the patients health/problems which is refreshing to know he cares. He has done a wonderful job of taking care of our health.

I hope you have no question about his ability and understanding as a doctor and future leader of the medical field. He is the best of the best.